Building a Home? Don’t Forget Your Tree & Topographic Survey

By July 17, 2018 Topographic Survey
Topographic Survey

If you’re ready to build a new home, a tree and topographic survey is the first step toward ensuring the soundness and longevity of your home build.

Topographic Survey

A tree and topographic survey:

  • Defines your property boundaries
  • Lists utilities on the property
  • Details topographic features of the property
  • Notes any man-made improvements to the property
  • Denotes size, species, and position of all trees within property boundaries

To conduct a successful survey, we recommend researching existing tree ordinances in the area where you’re planning to build your home. That way, you can preserve and protect trees as required, which will also enhance the beauty and value of your property.

A tree and topographic survey help you follow the regulations of your municipality. It keeps construction safe, preserves the structural integrity of your home, and helps you meet your design goals.

The survey allows planners, architects, builders, and engineers to know “where we go from here” in terms of your build and site design.

When building with LaBram homes, we’ll ensure your tree and the topographic survey is complete. That means it is accurate, and in accordance with your local laws and regulations.

We’ll be side-by-side throughout the permitting process to maintain integrity, transparency, and excellence at every stage of your build.


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