Site Preparation: Starting Your Home Build Strong

By September 19, 2018 Construction, Home Build
kitchen built by LaBram Homes

Before we begin building your LaBram custom home, we prepare your site for construction.

Here’s how it works:

  • We clear the site of debris, including any trees and rocks that would otherwise impede building.
  • We level the building site using a bulldozer or backhoe.
  • We place wooden footer stakes to guide where the footers are dug.
  • We dig the footer trenches necessary and install rebar to strengthen the concrete to be poured.
  • We pour the footers solid with concrete and let it set.
  • We start building the stem wall portion of your foundation.

Along with site preparation, pouring the footer is the first phase of construction.

If your custom home includes a full basement, we dig the hole. Then we form and pour the footings and the foundation walls. If necessary, we level the area between the footings and fit them with electrical chases and plumbing runs, and pour the slab.

Once poured, the concrete footers need time to cure. No construction happens on the lot until curing is complete. Once cured, we start laying block to complete the foundation stem wall. This stem wall block is also poured solid with concrete and allowed to cure. Once cured, the stem wall is backfilled with compacted dirt and any plumbing needed is installed before the slab is poured.

Your first inspection during phase one of your custom home construction is prior to footers being poured. After your foundation is cured, backfilled and prepped for the slab, your city inspector visits your site to confirm your foundation meets code and is ready for the slab to be poured. Once all necessary inspections are completed and passed, the slab is poured. We are then ready to move on to the block walls and framing phase.

Beginning construction is an exciting time. We want you to be able to watch the whole process come together. If you have any questions, your project manager will work with you to get answers. We can also help you plan a walkthrough, which must be scheduled in advance for safety reasons.

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