Financing & Permitting

For Labram clients who want an alternative (or complement) to cash financing, our partner lender can offer construction-to-permanent loans to eligible buyers.

Construction-to-Permanent Loan

Simply put, this loan starts as a construction loan and becomes
a mortgage loan once you move into your new custom home.

contemporary home by LaBram Homes

Advantages of the Loan

There are several advantages to using the construction-to-permanent loan including single closing, reduced fees and interest-only payments during construction.

How It Works

Our partner lender will convert your construction loan to a mortgage after our team completes the build. From that point, it works like any other permanent mortgage. At that point, you can decide whether you want a fixed or adjustable-rate loan, set the term (15 or 30 years), and find a rate* that works for you.

*Rates and down payments vary.

We work with every client to ensure that—like their LaBram home—their
financing is tailored to their needs, their lifestyle, and their long-term goals.

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